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Let's talk about engagement sessions

They liked it, so they put a ring on it! You two crazy in love kids have made it real official, so let’s document it! Is there a shoot that you’ve always wanted to recreate? Where is your favorite place? Do you have a fancy coordinating ‘fit that you’ve always wanted to rock but couldn’t find a reason to? Engagement sessions are awesome because it’s all about you two and your love. And on top of that, we get to be creative too. Not only will you get comfortable in front of the camera, but it’ll be the start of our beautiful friendship! These will be the kind of images that you’ll be putting up as wall art in your place, trust. And once it comes time for your wedding (eeeeee!), any awkwardness you may have felt when getting your pic taken will be gone. And anything that can get taken off of your plate on your big day is a huge YAS!

Fun tip: Engagement sessions are complimentary in most of my wedding packages. Whoop whoop!

Emma's style caught my eye because it was different from the others: not oversaturated, not glowy, just this perfect, real-life-but-better photography style that captured, more than anything, the essence of the emotions that I hoped to have on my big day. Meeting her for our engagement pictures, I was amazed at how natural and fun she made everything feel-- my then-fiance and I are super awkward for pictures! We were pleased with how they turned out and felt confident about her for the wedding. But even that experience didn't prepare me for just how perfect of an addition she and her second, Kayla, were at the wedding itself. They blended into the background when they needed to, provided efficient, time-considerate directions for posing pictures, and danced and chatted, all while taking what have turned out to be the most stunning pictures I could have dreamed of...The feedback from friends and family has been overwhelmingly positive, both about Emma and Kayla's personalities and the photos themselves. I could not have asked for a better experience with a photographer.”
-Anna and Jake