capturing raw emotions and wonderous moments of beauty and joy.


Don't get me wrong, I know wedding days are about you and your partner getting married (duh!) But for me, they are also so much more. Wedding days for me are about documenting the relationships that mean the most to you. Of course that includes you and your fianc√©, but it also included your friends and family who want to celebrate you marrying your best friend! Picture yourself 40 years from now, looking through your wedding album with your spouse. I want your photos to bring you back to how your wedding day felt. I want you to smile when you see photos of you crying so hard a tear slips out because your sister's speech was THAT funny. I want you to get those warm and fuzzy feelings when you see photos of you and your partner snuggled up at sunset, soaking up the day. I want you to get that familiar, sentimental warmth when you see photos of your grandma giving you a big squeeze. These are the moments that matter, and I want you to have them for life. 

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