About Us

We’re a use a waffle cone as a mic to sing ‘I Will Always Love You’ kinda team 

Meet Us

Why we do what we do 

We’re total saps who love nostalgia. The sentimental moments and the roaring laughter. Give. Us. ALL. Of. It. 

We get damn emotional when your partner talks about the second they fell in love with you in their vow. And when your mom squeezed them tight and said, ‘take care of my baby’ we just about sobbed on the camera lens.

But on the flip side, you can catch us with a mocktail in hand, grooving to NSYNC with the rest of your wedding party. Cheering on your cousin as they attempt the worm for the first time, and of course, getting that first dance heart-tugging romance on camera.

Our favorite thing is capturing those moments that you’ll want to relive a million times. The tears that pour down. The laughs that make you think your stomach is going to jump out of your body. The quiet moments that cause you to look at your partner and think, ‘I love the sh*t out of this person.’

We get it all. You feel lucky for doing life with a person you love. And we feel lucky for letting you relive this part of your chapter in your living room, with Bravo in the background.

Weddings aren't the only celebration we photograph. We love documenting your family as it grows. 

The party might have an earlier curfew, and bottle service might have a completely different meaning, but we love photographing families as much as we love weddings.

What’s important to us

Unfiltered Goodness 

Light and airy? Not quite. Dark and moody? Nope. How about capturing you as you are? Radical. 

Non-Traditional Moments 

Grandma will not be seeing him remove your undergarments with his teeth, thank you. We’d way rather catch you and your partner giggling in the corner, taking a socializing break. 


At the end of the day, it really is about the love. (But the 2 am waffles were a nice touch too) 

Let's capture the memories that become family legacies. These pictures are the ones you’ll show your kids and say, ‘Look how much fun mommy and daddy had that day.’

Meet Emma 

Hey hey! I’m the founder and head photographer at Emma Lee Photography. 

When it comes to my eye and style, I favor the real. That’s why you’ll never see me forcing you into poses that have you longingly looking away from the person you’re saying ‘do life with me’ to.

When we work together, I’ll encourage you to relax, have fun, and stay in the moment. Be in your day and I’ll get the shot. No need for you to feel the need to look like anything. We’re capturing you as you really are.

And me? When I’m not snapping pics, you’ll find me surrounded by close friends, munching on a cheese board with a nice bottle of wine. We’ll be reminiscing about old memories and swapping stories that still trigger belly laughs.

I can’t wait to meet you. And then meet you again through every photo.

Meet the Team


Seattle-based. Has been working with me since 2017. Total best friend vibes. She’ll read between the lines and bail you out of awk situations. Promise.


Phoenix-based. But often travels to Seattle. He’s cool, calm, and collected and if a tornado hits your reception, he won’t be stressed at all as he gets your best angles.


Artsy and creative. She was hired without applying. She’s THAT talented. She’s a quiet mouse because she wants to get the shot without you noticing her. 


Phoenix-based. Has been shooting weddings since 2013. She gets the best laughing photos and can hold her own, joking with your rowdy group of groomsmen. 


Seattle-based. Makes Emma’s (very good) customer service skills look horrible. Always goes the extra 5 miles for his clients and somehow makes you look amazing in rough lighting.


Let’s do this


Family Portraits