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They grow up so fast! I tell you what, Madonna was straight up lying when she said, ‘time goes by, so slowly.’ And that fact is especially true when you’re a parent! Every single fleeting moment with your little one is so precious. Every occasion is a special occasion with your family, so I make sure to treat every family session as such! You’ll look back fondly on these moments, while your not-so-little-ones ask about why those hairstyles and fashion choices that were hip at the time. One thing’s for sure: there will be no shortage of ‘awwwwwwww!’ when you look through these memories. 

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Emma took family photos when my son was 2 weeks old and again at 6 months. She made it so easy during the hectic newborn period, we didn't even have to leave the house. She was able to capture all the lovely baby details and our family perfectly. I love how effortless and candid our images turned out. I'm obsessed with how good they are and will cherish them forever.

Being a parent is an amazing, wild, and crazy ride. When you're a parent every moment with your little one is precious...even the crazy ones with temper tantrums and booger picking. That's why I strive to capture candid, everyday moments in my family portrait sessions - a photo that shows real feelings. I want these photos to be the ones you pull out when you're feeling nostalgic, and want to remember how your son looked with his goofy haircut or memories of your daughter before she entered her terrible twos. No family is perfect, that's why I love to capture photos with the right mix of chaos AND love.